Month: April 2019

April 2, 2019: #RedInstead

Good morning!

Today’s post is meant to be where you post a #redinstead selfie.  I don’t have one, and I literally own nothing that is red, so I’m going to post this link to the website instead.  My sweetie pie is featured in the gallery on the about page!

Here you can read all about the #redinstead movement, which is meant to be one of the replacements for the Light It Up Blue movement.  I won’t link to that one, so as not to give it any more action online than it already has.

Image shows three pictures: the first image is one of a smiling man with curly short hair wearing glasses and a red shirt, the second image is a pair of socks with red on the toes, and the third image is a pair of red shoes.
Autism Acceptance in April- 30 Days of a positive narrative

Autism Acceptance in April- 30 Days of a positive narrative

Hello, lovelies!  It’s that time of year again, and rather than write about what hurts to write about (light bulbs, puzzle pieces, blah blah blah), I thought I’d take a different approach. I want to flip the script, change the narrative a bit.  I’ve been working on shifting the mindset such that neurotypical (NT) people won’t talk about the autistic community as riddled with tragedy.  My hope is that they will start to be comfortable with understanding, accepting, and accommodating the autistic community. My hope is to see an end to those who are not autistic simply ignoring the voices of the autistic community.

I’m not a Tumblr person, but there is someone called Autie Jake over on Tumblr who posted a 30 Days of Autism Acceptance challenge, so I’m going to do my best… with any luck there will be 30 days of shorter posts here, all about being autistic.

Day 1: The intro post.

Who am I as a person… suddenly I feel very existential.  Maybe that’s because it’s 5am and I’ve only had one cuppa.

I am many things.  A parent to four incredible kids, an advocate, and self-identified autistic.  I have yet to decide for sure whether to seek diagnosis, mostly because I simply cannot afford it (and I know it’s the thing that helps me make sense of me, so I’m good with that).
I have tried hundreds of different types of crafts over the years but only stuck with one long enough to get a tattoo based around it.  I ran a half marathon so I suppose I was a runner.  I love (and I mean LOVE) rainbows and will 100% pull over on the side of the road to look for one when the conditions are right.  I absolutely misunderstand most people’s facial expressions, which is really only a problem at home because I misunderstand my own husband more often than I’m comfortable with.
I love music more than I love rainbows, and I love the feeling of music filling my entire self. One of my favorite local bands plays one particular venue where the bass and drums vibrate through the floor and right up through the chair to my entire being- I love that sensation.  But that same person has trouble walking down the hall in my office building because the heating system causes a vibration that hurts me. Weird.
I feel emotions – not just mine but everyone’s.  If I’m watching television and a character is crying, I am likely to start crying as well.  If a coworker is stressed and upset, I become stressed and upset as well. That’s hard, but I also feel people’s joy and excitement, which I really like.

I am quite sure there is much more that I could share, but I think that these are the things which make me immediately think of me.  So there it is.  Happy first day of Autism Acceptance Month! #30daysofautismacceptance