April 9, 2019 My favorite austistic advocates and blogs!

Yay!  Something happy!  The end of that last post was hard to write.

I have a few favorite autistic advocates/bloggers/vloggers, and they’re on multiple platforms.  I’m going to link to their YouTube channels and Facebook pages below.

Neurodivergent Rebel is probably my favorite.  She (Christa Holmans) and her husband and their dogs live in an RV and they’re fantastic!  Her YouTube channel is here  and her Facebook page is here.  I like her posts because they’re full of information, they’re respectful, and when they need to be, they’re blunt.  She’s got a dynamic personality, and I love that she is honest about sometimes needing to take a moment to figure out what she’s trying to say.

Agony Autie is another of my favorites.  She’s an advocate in the UK, and she talks a lot about the lack of transportation accommodations in the UK (at times she needs to use a scooter, and the train company is not accommodating to people who use mobility aids).
Her Facebook page is here, and her YouTube channel is here.

Autistic, Not Weird is run by Chris Bonnello and he’s a fantastic advocate and teacher who speaks out quite a lot on behalf of autistic children.  I purchased his book for the Autism Lending Library where I work, and it’s a celebration of who we are which is written by children, for children.

Image shows a book cover depicting 67 photos of children and the title “What we Love most about Life: Answers from 150 children across the autism spectrum” Compiled by Chris Bonnello

Chris’ Facebook page is here, and this is his website. One of the things that I really appreciate about his posts on Facebook is that they are often lists of ways to support autistic people or positive things about being autistic.  This approach is important to changing the narrative around neurodivergence, which is all too often depicted as tragic.  Autism is not a tragedy.  Shall I say it louder for the people in the back of the audience?  AUTISM IS NOT A TRAGEDY.  Being different is to be celebrated.  It is our differences which make us so beautiful.

Last but not least, there is a list called Actually Autistic Blogs List.  It is literally what it sounds like, a list of blogs written by people who are #actuallyautistic.  This is a fantastic resource, and the list includes information such as the author’s age, name, diagnoses, and anything else that they shared with the blog.  If you want to do more reading of things written by people who are autistic, this is a great place to find a LOT of blogs!



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