Progress isn’t just for kids

We took WonderBoy and Speedy to the movies today.  In the theater.  Speedy has been before, but this was WB’s first time in the theater.

Although he was quick to correct me- he’d been to the theater before to see a play, but not the movie theater.

But wait- there was that one time he went to the movies on the planet Eridia, he tells me.  So of course this isn’t his first time.

Yes, this is exactly the conversation that we had.  Whatevs, if you spend any time around us you know how normal this is.

There was a very popular kids movie playing at the theater and we decided to give it a shot.  We brought the noise-canceling headphones, which WB used, and we told him ahead of time that we could leave at any time if he wanted.

We got all the way to the end of the movie, to the start of the credits, when he asked if we could go.

I have to say, I am SO proud of us (his parents)!  We didn’t stress out, we didn’t worry, and everything went great!

Not where you thought I was going with it, right?

Look, here’s the deal.  The progress made in terms of being able to navigate the world around them while we work on changing the world to be more accommodating isn’t ALWAYS about exactly how they’re doing.  A lot of the time it’s about how we are doing. When we’re calm and have a plan and can provide information at the beginning so that there’s nothing unexpected, things go more smoothly. When we’re not stressed about the outcome, the outcome isn’t the important part.  Because even if things had gone sideways (for any one of the four of us), we would have handled it.

Everything IS awesome. 😉51929162_10219121961302193_5750890677391065088_o

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