How providing all of the information is the best way to support our kids (or anyone, really)

Do I win an award for longest and most awkward title?  Hehe.

But really, providing all of the information is absolutely important.  Let me show you why:

This morning, Speedy and I were having a Battle of the Wills. I have said to him repeatedly “Please set a good example for your brother”.  Now, somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I probably knew that this is a vague concept for a child.  But I persisted. What’s that quote about doing/saying the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result? Yeah…


So this morning, when I reached the point where my fuse typically blows, I stopped and backed up.  “Sweetheart, when I say to ‘set a good example’, I mean to say that when you do what’s being asked of you, then you are showing your brother how to act”.

A wave of understanding washed over him.  I had finally given him the information that he needed in order to respond in a way that would make sense to the situation.

This ties in directly to my last post about what comprises a Social Story™ and how to create and implement them.  That’s really all it is- providing context.

We take a lot for granted, and it’s really important to dial it back a bit and explain things in a supportive, positive, and factual way.

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