The scary things are sometimes the best

Sometimes the biggest and most terrifying steps in life can be the ones that save us.

Six months ago, I walked away from the job I’d known for 8 years (in a field I’d worked in for my entire life) to start my new career.

To say that I was terrified is a dramatic understatement.


What will we do for childcare?”

Having worked from home for 8 years with a fairly flexible schedule, this was the scariest question. How do you normal office-dwellers do it??

Obviously, we figured that one out.


I’ve worked alone for this long, won’t that be weird to be in an office?”

When I left the solitude of our home to go be in an office every day, what happened next was unexpected… or at least it was to me. You’re probably reading this thinking “well obviously, I could have told you that this would happen.”

I started really seeking out opportunities to participate in the world around me. Much to my husband’s amusement, I even joined the Special Ed PTA and am being nominated to be the secretary. Because you know, I like to do ALL THE THINGS.

I found my tribe, I found the place where I can truly be myself, and I have grown more in six months than I ever thought possible. I have dreams again, the people and the agencies I work with every day inspire me, and I once again have that feeling that we can change the world.
I thought I would never feel that feeling again, after I left the naivety of my twenties.

Finding your passion isn’t as simple as sitting down and thinking about what you want to be when you grow up. Sure, that’s what we’re taught to believe, but the reality is that it may hit you in one big “a-HA!” moment or perhaps several smaller micro-moments.


(Me, presenting sensory-related things to people who actually sat and listened to me! For two whole hours!)

How it strikes you will vary, but the fact that there is something out there for all of us is undeniable. You too may find yourself telling your executive director, “I have the funnest job ever!”*


And we will be here for you when you do have that moment.


*Yes, I actually did that.

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