So, today was one of “those” days.  You know the ones I mean, where things are going along nicely (perhaps a little too nicely), and then BAM! Something hits you out of left field.  Some days the thing that hits you is a size 8 shoe.

One of the things that we have found is that when Wonder Boy is having a particularly good day, it is a trade for a bad day that just happened or is on the horizon.

Today I did something I normally don’t- I took WB and his older brother out to our favorite consignment shop.  Alone.  Just me.  No additional support.

I’ve been working on breaking myself out of the things that give me anxiety, in an effort to not only break that cycle but also to show the boys that we can do this.  They need to know that mama isn’t the basket-case that she feels she is much of the time.

They did great! I even let WB out of his stroller so that he could play with his brother and another little boy they’d just met.  I traded in their old clothes, WB found a snowy puppet owl and it was brand new (score!) and we managed to get out unscathed.
We picked up lunch and headed to papa’s office, but WB was already starting to get lost.  He goes into a place sometimes, he’ll begin “scripting” (we’ll talk about that more in another post) and was non-responsive.

By the time I had gotten them home, he was in a full-blown meltdown and started screaming at me and threatening to scratch me.
Once we were inside, he was laying on the floor and kicking anything within reach of his feet.  I often will hold him and remind him that I will not let him hurt me, himself, or anyone else.
He’s doing much better now.  But it’s so important to know that when we have a success like we did today, it may mean a major setback at another point in the day or even        several days 1

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